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May 12, 2009
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Kawal VS Agent Pornstar by GM by jtmtzrwj Kawal VS Agent Pornstar by GM by jtmtzrwj
The following is an exerpt from a conversation by Senior Special Agent Mercado and a certain DCel, an analyst for the black-ops agency O.N.S.E. O.N.S.E. Case File 2009-0512-00G, Operational Codename: BlackRock

SSA Mercado : I got here as fast I could. What the hell is going on?

DCel : Uhm, we still have no idea, sir. We're crunching
the data as fast as possible. Th--

SSA Mercado : (sees something onscreen)
Who's that? She looks familiar...

DCel : I'm pretty sure that's Vodka Duvar, sir. Real Name: Deanna Roth Denisof. She used to model for adult mags... Supposed to be the next big thing. They offered her a contract to do porn... but she disappeared before--

SSA Mercado: Porn?
DCel: You know, Lexi Belle... Krystal Steel... Carmen Luvana...
SSA Mercado: Got a thing for blondes, huh? I know what
porn means. You idiot.

DCel: Sir, according to the reports that's just coming in, counter intelligence identifies her as Agent Pornstar, a ranking operative of The Centre. All we have are blurry pictures... until now.

SSA Mercado : What changed?
DCel : It's him, it's KAWAL sir. Their fight is taking too long. You know she took on 7 of our highly trained, heavily equipped men... all at the same time.

SSA Mercado : How?
DCel : She fights like Batman... (a beat)
Oh, crap something 's wrong. Kawal's vitals... something's definitely wrong.
SSA Mercado : Stop blabbering and check the reports.

DCel : You're the one who keeps asking questions... sir. Here it is, according to this... there are rumors that Agent Pornstar uses some kind of Pheromone Accelerating Compound during missions... crap, that means the longer they fight, the longer Kawal is exposed... Good news is that, she won't be able to kill Kawal with just that handgun.

SSA Mercado : That's not what I'm afraid of. Is Agent Diaz in the vicinity? Initiate Codename:SIMOUN
DCel : Sir, I don't--

I was sick this week. Thanks for :icongammaknight: for posting this. It
really made my day better. See the original artwork here [link]

Codename:Kawal and Agent Pornstar is owned by :iconjtmtzrwj:

Did you Know: That like other actresses who name themselves using commercial products like soda or shampoo, Agent Pornstar derived her screen name from a brand of vodka.
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ang kulit talaga ng pose!
blonde pla si agent pornstar?
wla! mahina pla si Kawal sa babae! talo na yan! :lmao: hehehe
nde blonde c agent pornstar... talo talaga c kawal dito.... actually lahat ng tao as long as humihinga e "magpapatalo" kay agent pornstar. kailanga nila gumamit ng gas-mask para patas ang laban. hahaha
anu ba si agent pornstar? hero o villain?
kala ko villain kasi sa usapan nila SSA Mercado: Got a thing for blondes..., kala ko kasama si Agent Pornstar dun.
haha. salamat sa pagbasa nung comment. meron pla dapat na "Did You Know" un. Nalimutan ko ilagay.

Did you Know: That like other actresses who name themselves using commercial products like soda or shampoo, Agent Pornstar derived her screen name from a brand of vodka.
gray area c agent pornstar. pede cia kaaway ni kawal pede din ally. depende sa mission.

ung blonde comment ni SSA Mercado, pertaining un dun sa mga ni-namedrop ni DCel (ie. lexi, krystal at carmen). hahaha.
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lagot ka saking agent pornstar ka :evillaugh:
sabi ko nga k jhay, kung gusto mo manalo... kailangan mo ng hig tech na gas mask o air filtration unit. kundi, matutulad ka k kawal.
ako magpapatalo tlg hahaha
wansworld May 12, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
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